We’re a video-based advertising agency creating on-screen solutions for any device and any platform. We work strategically and ‘think in video’ across the entire customer journey and purchase cycle.

We’re pleased to have been listed as a top agency by DesignRush, an international B2B marketplace created to connect brands...Read on.

When it comes to reaching your audience on social media, the growing sentiment is that ‘if it doesn’t move, then your audience...Read on.

We celebrated the end of a top year with some bowls at nearby club Balmain, followed by a lunch at...Read on.

As 2018 winds down, Mammal hasn’t. In fact, we’ve quite a bit to show off this month – as well...Read on.

Latest work.
Munns Professional, turn your lawn professional

Long an institution in its native South Australia, national awareness of the Munns® lawn care brand was more modest. And...


Upside, the way real estate should be

Start-up upstart, Upside, brings the best of traditional and online real estate models together in one offering. But that’s hardly...


Parallel Parks for New Horizons

Access to natural wilderness like National Parks is often problematic for people with disability. And that’s despite the amazing work...


Yates Dynamic Lifter

Yates Dynamic Lifter’s first foray into advertising in almost a decade sees the introduction of a character we at Mammal...


Theory of Mind, for TEDxSydney

Art meets science in our TEDx installation


City Farmers, by Petbarn

Turning price perceptions backwards



Building social, content and TV together.



Retail TV drawn from online content.



A new product launch, built on consumer insight.


Who knew you could do something to reduce the appearance of a scar?


Mammal Sydney